Q – Can I create my own package design?
A – Yes, we are happy to provide a template for your Graphic Designer to use.


Q – How long will the cookies last once I receive them?
A – We guarantee a four-month shelf life from the date the product is received by you.  The cookies are packed in a foil lined air-tight canister to preserve shelf life.  All packages have a Best By stamp on the bottom of the package and a tamper-evident safety seal.  Product does not require any refrigeration; however, extreme heat or cold should be avoided.


Q – I don't work with any Promotional Products Specialists - can I buy your products directly from you?
A – All of our products are sold through Promotional Products Specialists / Distributors; however, the good news is that there are likely several within a five- or ten-mile radius of your office and we can put you in touch.


Q – How long has Sofia's been in business?
A – Sofia's was founded in 2011 to sell exclusively via the Promotional Products Industry; however, our father and son owners have been in the food industry a combined 70+ years! 


Q – Where is Sofia’s located?
A – We bake and ship fresh daily from Deephaven, Minnesota.


Q – Why Sofia’s instead of other promotional products?
A – Everybody likes a good cookie or snack.  People will long remember these delicious mini size cookies or nutritious snacks and who they received them from.


Q – Does Sofia’s Cookies use green packaging materials?
A – Yes our materials can be recycled; however, our cookie package seldom is discarded.  Customers keep the package and discover many handy uses after the cookies are quickly gone.


Q – Who is Sofia?
A – Sofia is the daughter and granddaughter of our owners.  She, herself, is sweet-as-can-be and can frequently be found skipping away from company headquarters with very sugary fingers!


If you have additional questions, we encourage you to submit a comment form to us and we will respond right away.