At Sofia’s, our products are packaged in air tight canisters with a variety of contemporary and classic designs which are customized to include your artwork. The foil-lined canister preserves the freshness of the product, and serves as a keepsake for the recipient to re-use as an elegant storage container.

All of our products are made fresh-to-order, we don't carry inventory—we start baking and producing the day you place your order. Everything we make uses only all-natural ingredients and tastes amazing—we've been in the food industry for over 30 years because we never cut corners and consistently produce great products.

We have two sizes of canisters to choose from, our Impact size canister which is 8″ in height, and our Compact size canister which is 4″ tall.  Both sizes are 2.5″ in diameter. Our Italian candies are offered in an elegant 1.7 oz translucent package with a customized heavy-stock paper canopy.

There are a variety of package designs to choose from. All of the designs incorporate your artwork and information. Packaging options are completely custom based on your needs. We have a great in-house design team or, if you/your client prefer to create the artwork, we can provide a blank template.